"During a period of significant growth for Autotask, Deb’s contribution as an adjunct consultant member of the Autotask HR team in the areas of Global Talent Acquisition (especially in sourcing sales talent), Recruitment Branding (including Autotask’s recruitment social media brand and leveraging LinkedIn as a sourcing tool) was significant, and greatly appreciated. As a Senior HR Practitioner, Deb is also a valued thinking partner to my team. I would recommend Deb to technology and other companies experiencing similar growth and/or requiring outsourced Senior HR / Recruitment support."

Josette Valenti, Past Vice President of Human Resources

"When Saratoga Eagle Sales & Service had the opportunity to grow by acquisition in early 2010, we hired Deb Best as our HR / Recruitment / Change Management Project Manager to best facilitate the people piece of the transaction. Thanks to Deb’s work with our leadership team and her management of the project, we were able to seamlessly and positively complete the acquisition with no compliance issues, and a number of great new hires. I would recommend Deb’s work and expertise to any distribution or manufacturing company on the growth curve."

Jeff Vukelic, Owner / President
Saratoga Eagle Sales & Service

“Deb's dedication and attention to detail were superb. She was outstanding."

Barry Crane, Operations & Logistics Executive
J&J Family of Farms

"Deb Best has been a perfect fit for our organization. In her role as our outsourced Corporate Recruitment Leader / HR Advisor, Deb’s expertise as well as her years of experience in manufacturing and distribution businesses saved us valuable time and effort in quickly sourcing and hiring key members of our corporate team to support our company’s continued growth. Not only did Deb hit the ground running for us, she also set up critical processes and procedures that we use to this day. I highly recommend Deb’s services to any organization needing outsourced Corporate Recruitment and Human Resources leadership support."

Michael Wilker, Senior Vice President of Operations
Soft-Tex Manufacturing

"Deb Best has been a professional resource and sounding board to me for more than 13 years. What distinguishes Deb as a practitioner is her overall business savvy and her commitment to her clients' success: without exception, their success is her success. Some of the many topics she has supported me on are: organization development; group dynamics facilitation; strategic planning; human resources; performance reviews and more. With her vast knowledge and skills, she is an invaluable resource to leaders at any organization and at any level."

Linda Hillman, Past President
Rensselaer County Regional Chamber of Commerce

"It gives me great pleasure to recommend Deb Best as a senior Human Resources Practitioner and Consultant. In our work together this year in my role as Director of The Hyde Collection, Deb’s strong ability to address and resolve a broad spectrum of HR needs – from HR transactions, recruitment and placement of a key management position, to compliance and complex employee relations issues – made a significant contribution to The Hyde and helped move the organization forward. Additionally, Deb’s commitment to HR knowledge transfer and coaching on critical employee relations conversations expanded and reinforced the people management efficacy of our leadership team with positive results. Moreover, Deb is responsive, efficient and organized in her work, and flexible in her schedule. Also, she is just a wonderful person to work with. For these reasons, I highly recommend Deb as a valued senior HR consultant."

Erin Coe, Past Director
The Hyde Collection

“It's a huge win to come across, and be able to work with, someone who is not only a master of their profession; but also has broad-based business interest and knowledge. Combined this with a sincere desire to share and assist other in meeting their goals; and you have a true mentor and friend. Expert, mentor and friend; three words that best describe Deb.”

Dale May, Owner (Former SVP Store Operations & Loss Prevention, Trans World Entertainment Corp.)
Lennon's Irish Shop

"I enthusiastically recommend Deb Best as a Human Resources Consultant. We utilized Deb for several months in 2012. Deb was willing to work within our time and budget constraints, appreciating that we ultimately wanted our personnel trained and able to perform tasks on their own without Deb’s supervision.

Deb provided our company’s employees training and skill sets that they will utilize moving forward. Her contributions included but are not limited to: setting up LinkedIn accounts and training on their effective use for both recruitment and promotion; re-writing our employment application to ensure compliance with current law; and re-formatting our employee evaluations for ease of use and compliance.

Deb also assisted us in implementing a cultural change in our organization. In October 2012, we announced that on January 1, 2013 we would become a tobacco-free campus. This major initiative entailed policy writing, employee awareness and preparedness, tobacco cessation help options and implementation. With Deb’s guidance, all the pieces were put in place to launch this change successfully.

Deb’s consulting abilities and her HR expertise have met or exceeded our expectations. We will continue to utilize her services, as needed, in the future."

Maria Dunning, Past VP General Manager
Keeler Motor Car Company

"Deb’s unique and no-nonsense approach to LinkedIn / social media Recruitment Branding (including but not limited to training our hiring managers and Human Capital Management / Recruiting team to quickly achieve knowledge transfer and Recruitment Branding strategy implementation through their own LinkedIn profiles), has definitely enhanced and humanized our organization’s Recruitment Brand. The combination of Deb’s senior HR / Corporate Recruitment background, as well as her LinkedIn, social media and writing expertise, is a welcome contribution to any organization looking to raise the level of their Recruitment Branding to attract top talent."

Sue Corney, Past Director of Human Capital

“I have worked with Deb Best in several capacities. Both as a consultant and as someone to whom I provided service. In both capacities she evidenced an incredible range of knowledge in the areas of human resources as well as business management and business development. She is clear-thinking, insightful, and effective and goes way beyond what would be typical. Deb Best would be an invaluable asset to any organization. She has been to mine."

Dawn Abbuhl, President
Repeat Business Systems, Inc.

“Deb is a confident, experienced and talented HR Executive. She has a tactful approach and knows how to accomplish difficult matters. Personally, I learned a great deal working with Deb on many issues, policies, implementations and acquisitions."

Ron Moraski, Director of Procurement Services

"Deb is an exceptional career coach, human resources specialist and mentor. While she possesses a wealth of experience and an encyclopedic knowledge of her field and of our region, it is her attitude and heart which set her apart. Deb helped me through a difficult career transition by providing invaluable direction and advice. But what helped even more was her understanding of the emotional challenges involved in such transitions, and how each personality experiences these changes differently. Deb has an unbridled passion for networking, and for the innate, but sometimes latent ability in each of us to discover our higher selves. It is these talents and values that make Deb so unique."

Peter Glassman, Past Statewide Director
NYS Agricultural Mediation Program at New York State Dispute Resolution Association

"I am very pleased to recommend Deb Best of Deb Best Practices as a Strategic Planning facilitator. Deb’s group process and strategic planning facilitation skills worked extremely well for CRAAB!, giving us a succinct yet powerful one-page, 5-year Strategic Plan. Since the completion of our Strategic Plan, we are now marketing much more aggressively and broadly, and we have a robust fund development plan with new community partners who are bringing in new streams of funding for CRAAB!. Our experience with Deb definitely motivated and energized our board, which in turn is paying dividends on a number of levels for CRAAB! I would not hesitate to use Deb again to support the success of our organization."

Joan Sheehan, Past President
Capital Region Action Against Breast Cancer

“Deb has an incredible gift and passion for career mentorship. She was my guide through a seven-month search that resulted in a terrific new job in an incredibly tight market. From day one, Deb insisted that I dedicate the time to define what I wanted in my ideal position. She took a no-holds barred approach to brainstorming, challenging me to think beyond ‘the next job’ by peppering me with questions and development exercises. This was very hard work. But Deb’s relentless optimism and confidence in the outcome pushed me through the many difficult moments. Deb is a master networker and knows that professional connections are the key to career success. She is also a ruthless (yet kind) resume editor. Her advice on interviewing (connection, research, enthusiasm, and ROI) made this potentially daunting process a fun and enjoyable experience. By pushing me to do the hard work up front, Deb instilled a quiet confidence and sense of purpose that carried through the interviews. I am incredibly grateful to Deb for helping me pull off the career blinders and set off on a great new adventure.”

Peter Gernert-Dott, Manager
Huron Consulting Group