Are All of Your NYS-Required Employer Postings Displayed in Business and at Work?

Whenever I visit a client site, I double-check to ensure that all of the required New York state and Federal employer postings are displayed in an area or room that all employees regularly frequent. For some clients, it’s the back of the gender-neutral bathroom door; for other clients, it’s the kitchen / break room / lunch room; or on a bulletin board where employees clock in and out of a shared computer.-on

During a client visit last week, I reviewed their NYS and Federal required employer postings in their break room when I stopped in for a cup of water. Client had purchased the NYS and Federal “all-in-one” posters designated by the all-in-one poster vendor as valid for 2018, which is usually a time- and space-saver.

However, as I reviewed Client’s NYS all-in-one employer poster, I noticed that the required NYS Paid Family Leave (PFL) posting was not included, even though the vendor had labeled it valid for 2018. Fortunately, Client had distributed the required NYS PFL posting to all their employees, and updated their employee handbook to include their new and compliant NYS PFL policy well before the January 1, 2018 effective date required. I printed out a copy of the NYS PFL posting with Client’s insurance information inserted, and posted it next to Client’s all-in-one NYS Employer poster.

Are all of your NYS-required (and Federal-required) employer postings displayed in business and at work?

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