Is HR Part of Your Strategic Plan in Business and at Work?

An HR colleague of mine is participating for the first time in their organization’s Strategic Planning process, and I was thrilled to hear it.

It’s not just the inclusion of the HR Leader that encourages me – there are many practical reasons why HR should be part of any organization’s Strategic Planning process (and if your organization doesn’t have at minimum a one-page Strategic Plan with Values, Vision, Mission, 3- 5 Strategic Goals and accompanying metrics mapping out those strategic elements for the next 5 years, a good starting point is to consider the development of a Strategic Plan as a key priority for your organization). If your organization doesn’t currently have a Strategic Plan, what is your organization’s foundation / rationale / driver for HR strategic initiatives supporting your organization’s short-term and long-term success, such as (including but not limited to):

  • Employee Relations and Leadership Based on Strategic Values
    • Culture
      • Guiding Principles
      • Guidelines for Appropriate and Inappropriate Conduct at All Levels
  • Staffing to Sustain and Increase Growth
    • Succession Planning
      • Performance Metrics
      • Benchmarks for Employee, Team and Leadership Performance
    • Retention
      • Compensation, Benefits and Related Policies
  • Recruitment Branding
  • Employee and Change Communications Planning & Execution.

Does your organization have a Strategic Plan? And if so: is Human Resources part of your Strategic Plan driving organizational success, in business and at work?


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