CEO Endorsement Underscores the Importance of Harassment Prevention in Business and at Work

As I wrapped up the annual Harassment Awareness / Prevention training for a client which emphasized how much money preventing workplace harassment can save an organization, I answered employee and supervisor questions – everyone in the company, including the CEO, attended the training.

After I answered a few questions clarifying the key points of the training, the CEO rose and addressed the company.  “I want to echo what Deb just shared with us at today’s training,” he said.  “We’ve had two entirely preventable harassment issues in our history that cost the company significant money. If for no other reason – we need you to take this training to heart.” I echoed CEO’s statements – which, frankly, were just as impactful as the Harassment Prevention training itself: “And the money that was spent on those 2 issues – that’s money that could have been better used as raises in your paychecks.”

How does your CEO underscore the importance of Harassment Prevention training (and Harassment Prevention overall) in business and at work?


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