Does Your Employment Branding Reach All Possible Candidates in Business and at Work?

It was great to run into my dear friend and colleague Lisa last week at Home Depot: I was there to purchase replacement light bulbs, and she was there to look at her options for rewiring the electric lights in her bedroom headboard. Our respective purchase goals also reflect our respective technical abilities – Lisa can competitively rewire with the best, while my granddaddy Nat’s (a talented electrician of blessed memory) DNA definitely skipped my own technical gene pool.

I thought of Lisa when I saw this Sunday employment ad for an Electrician / Building Maintenance Mechanic – the photo in the ad featured an image inclusive of potential women candidates like Lisa, which also widens the potential candidate pool:

Speaking of inclusive – the ad below seeking a Fleet Maintenance Mechanic for A+ MediTrans / Rejha Group LLC (which is also a NYS Certified MBE / WBE) is even more candidate-inclusive, featuring the equipment in need of maintenance, rather than limiting the candidate pool to any one image or images of potential candidates:


Is your employment branding reaching / inclusive of all possible candidates in business and at work?

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