How Much is Harassment Subtracting from Your Bottom Line in Business and at Work?

Politics, TV and public relations aside, the problem Fox News has with the harassment allegations against its star political anchor Bill O’Reilly is a bottom-line financial body blow, as illustrated by the math, below:

  • $13 million in harassment settlement costs;
  • 60 advertisers who have at this writing pulled their ads from O’Reilly’s show:  60 x $900k (conservative annual average) = $54 million.

The total estimated cost of O’Reilly’s harassment allegations to the Fox News bottom line: $67 million. As of Sunday, April 9th, Fox News is opening up an investigation into harassment allegations against O’Reilly.

$67 million – that’s how much an organization can save in effectively preventing and intervening on harassment.

How do you effectively prevent and intervene on harassment to save your organization millions of dollars in business and at work?

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