Big HR Money-Savers for NYS Start-Up Employers in Business and at Work

With the cooperation of our unpredictable March weather in the great northeast,  I will give a 5-minute pitch 11 AM this Tuesday at the New York BizLab at 251 State Street in Schenectady (where I am a member of the BizHub advisory group supporting our BizLab start-up community) on how outsourced Human Resources (HR) businesses like mine help to minimize risk and save thousands of dollars for start-up employers – my good colleague BizHub advisers will also be on hand to give out their 5 minutes of advice in their respective areas of subject-matter expertise.

The nuggets of money-saving advice in hiring interns and independent contractors that I will share on Tuesday can be found in the Twitter links, below:

After my BizHub pitch, I will motor over to the Guilderland Chamber of Commerce’s luncheon panel on “Getting What You Deserve,” to share my experience, strength and hope as well as the great advice my daddy gave me at the beginning of my career (which still rings true today), equally applicable in making the case to career or client decision-makers:

How will you use your HR strategy to save (or make) big money for your organization in business and at work?

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