Anti-Harassment Training Saves Money in Business and at Work

With the sensory overload that multiple communications channels can produce in (and outside of) business and at work (including but not limited to in-person communication), it’s not surprising that the boundaries between appropriate and inappropriate conduct in business and at work can often get blurry.

However, both employers and employees are still accountable under NYS Division of Human Rights Law to ensure that harassment does not occur.

For example:  did you know that the following behavior constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace?

  • Lewd Comments
  • Staring
  • Obscene Poems
  • Pinching
  • Dirty / Sexual Jokes.

To ensure clear conduct boundaries that support legal compliance, an annual Anti-Harassment Training is recommended for both managers and employees. Once the boundaries are clear, it allows all employees – and the organization – a better chance of saving the organization the time and money lost to harassment complaints.

Have you established annual Anti-Harassment Training to in turn save your organization time and money in business and at work?

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