Part-Time Exempt Employees Must Earn $913 a Week on Dec. 1st in Business and at Work

From the U.S. Department of Labor Wage & Hour Division Q&A website answering questions from their webinars earlier this year on the December 1, 2016 changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act raising the minimum exempt salary level to $913 a week or $47,776 a week:

Q. What is the salary requirement for part-time (salaried exempt) workers?

A. Whether a worker is full-time or part-time, the standard salary level to qualify for exemption will be $913 per week.

From a budgeting standpoint: if you’re not prepared to pay a part-time exempt employee at least $913 a week as of the December 1, 2016 deadline, the best strategy is to convert their status to hourly nonexempt.

How will you ensure that part-time exempt employees meet the new salary threshold requirements in business and at work?

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