Your First Step in Complying with the FLSA Dec. 1st Deadline in Business and at Work

The recommendation is to take the following first step now:

  1. Identify all exempt employees currently paid below $913 per week (gross before taxes) – the new minimum Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) exempt salary threshold effective December 1, 2016; then:
    • Count or estimate the number of hours that affected exempt employees work per week
    • Complete an inventory of affected exempt employee tasks – list the tasks as well as the percentage of time spent on each task
      • Consider waiting time, meal and rest periods, training time, travel time and other factors driving potential overtime
    • Review employees with similar jobs / roles in your organization to the affected exempt employees to ensure consistency in your decision-making, including but not limited to:
      • Job descriptions
      • Exemption status
      • Pay / potential wage compression due to overtime.

Have you taken this first key step in complying with the December 1, 2016 Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) changes in business and at work?

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