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Today’s dilemma and solution:

  • A Sunday Board meeting that is a 6-hour trip one way would have been a 20+ hour driving round-trip / overnight stay on this traffic-heavy holiday weekend; my family did not want to travel with me; and I already have a heavy business travel schedule.

I had previously introduced this Board to using Zoom videoconferencing for our Board meetings, as most of us do not live in the same community, and I am the Board member who lives the farthest away. I did the above math, and I made the best choice for my family and me: I asked the Board Chair a week before the Board meeting (due to my business and family obligations) to please set up a Zoom videoconference so that I could participate in the meeting remotely.

The Board Chair was game: she set up her laptop at one of the chairs around the Board table, and I listened and even presented at today’s meeting. Their internet connection was not the best, and it was difficult to hear at times – however, I participated fully.  Most importantly, I spent only 2.5 hours remotely attending the Board meeting today, rather than 22.5 hours of meeting and overnight round-trip travel time. I mediated my own solution (and minimized my own potential stress), and I’m now able to spend the majority of this holiday weekend with my family and conserve my energy in the process.

For all of us who labor: a wonderful holiday weekend to you and yours.

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