Communicate Outside of Your Comfort Zone in Business and at Work

During an Everything DiSC® team-building session with a client’s employee group last week, I emphasized the following keys to successfully using the information contained in the Everything DiSC® assessments the team had taken and shared with each other:

  • Put the oxygen mask on yourself first: when you have the opportunity to review a robust personality / communication assessment about yourself like the Everything DiSC®, absorb all of the nuggets, particularly the diamonds that document your Everything DiSC® style’s impact on your team, and how to work and communicate most effectively with your fellow team members.
  • Respond, don’t react: with the additional data on what pushes your conflict buttons, use that information to keep conflict from escalating: take a breath, and tell the other person what you need.
  • Want to learn how to better mediate conflict with your team?  Ask your team mate what they need. As we learn in Basic Mediation training, the source of all human conflict is needs met and unmet. The Everything DiSC® Work Comparison report can also provide further insight into your team members’ unmet needs, as knowledge transfer to help you better mediate conflicts yourself.

How will you communicate outside of your comfort zone to work more effectively with your team, in business and at work?


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