Identify Candidate Needs Authentically in Job Ads in Business and at Work

I phone-interviewed two candidates over the weekend for clients’ healthcare positions – I had worked with the clients in pumping up the branding in their job ads. In both cases, it was the only position where each candidate was actively interviewing. Out of curiosity (and interview due-diligence), I asked each (currently employed) candidate why this was the only job they were considering:

  • “It was great to see the complete list of tasks involved in the job,” Candidate One replied. “I’m not fully utilized in my current position, and those tasks are exactly the work I want to do.”
  • “I love that the organization is growing, and that they say they’re welcoming,” Candidate Two replied. “In addition to the convenient location, it sounds like a place where I’d prefer to work.”

The two candidates (currently employed, only considering this job opportunity) were attracted to information included in the job ads.

How do you authentically identify both candidates’ needs and your organization’s needs in your job ads to attract the best passive job candidates, in business and at work?

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