How Titles Can Empower Everyone in Business and at Work

I attended the 27th Annual Dinner of Girls Inc. of the Greater Capital Region last week – there were a record number of attendees there, over 300 adults. As in previous years, one girl from Girls Inc. sat at each table with us adult attendees. I recognized the young woman who sat at my table – she was part of a group of Girls Inc. teenagers who pitched to us Board members at our March 2016 meeting looking for approval to raise money to renovate the Teen Room at Girls Inc. with new paint, furniture, computers and wireless access. They did a fabulous job during their presentation, raising $586.00 from the Board right after their presentation.

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I greeted her, extending my hand: “I’m Deb, I’m a member of the Girls Inc. Board of Directors.” She shook my hand professionally. “I’m a member of Girls Inc.,” she responded proudly. Not only was I impressed by how she carried herself – I was also struck by her pride in her status as a member of Girls Inc. That title – member – clearly meant the world to her. Shortly thereafter, Ashley, the Executive Director, asked the young Girls Inc. member at our table to come up to the podium to speak about the Teen Room renovations. In front of over 300 adults, she delivered a shorter vision of the presentation she had made to the Board the previous month. I definitely know that I would not have been able to speak with any confidence in front of such a large audience when I was 15 years old. I’m absolutely certain that her confidence was derived from her title / status as a Girls Inc. member.

How do your job titles empower your team in business and at work?

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