How Humanizing Your Hiring Brand Pays Off in Business and at Work

I’m always interested to see how employers present their recruitment branding (or not) in their job postings. Here are a few sample ads from this past Sunday’s Employment Ads section of the local paper:


Now Hiring!


Seeking experienced candidates in


GED preferred


The common theme in the above ads is that they address the prospective employers’ needs only; the sole prospective candidate need addressed is that there are job openings.

In working with a new client over the last few weeks, we discussed what would authentically meet the needs of potential candidates in their job posting – in building recruitment branding that generates qualified applicant responses, walking in the shoes of what prospective candidates needs are is always helpful. Aside from including information about their generous benefits and convenient / pleasant work environment, this family business is philosophically committed to their welcoming work environment.  We finalized the job ad including all the above facts addressing prospective qualified applicants’ needs, and posted the job opening.

I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that they have over 50 qualified candidates from 170 applicants in only 5 days.

How has humanizing your hiring brand paid off in business and at work?

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