The Gift of Implementing Your Strategic Plan in Business and at Work

One of the best gifts I received this holiday season from a client was this message:

I am really overdue giving you a call. I owe you a huge thanks for the strategic planning advice. All of the pieces seem to be falling right into line way better than we’d ever imagined.

Client gives me way too much credit. Once my ambitious and driven Client got into the swing of the power of developing and then implementing their Strategic Plan, they literally took their Strategic Plan and ran with it. They implemented every strategic goal and subsequent project plan written down on their one-page, five-year Plan within less than two years. (And the final draft of their Strategic Plan was all theirs, as it should be.)

Reflecting on the Strategic Plan I developed for my own business, there is nothing more satisfying than achieving the strategic goals that I created and implemented. I definitely know how Client feels. A Strategic Plan is conceived, developed and delivered, not unlike a birth process (and sometimes, just as painful).

I responded to Client:

I’m absolutely thrilled for you, and honored that you invited me to be a “doula” to the development of your strategic vision. You crystallized it and made it happen, which is the hard part. You’re welcome, and thank you.

Client finished our exchange with:

I’d say more of a midwife than a doula.

Strategic gratitude abounds as we wind up the current year, looking forward to what we will achieve together in the new year.

What gifts will you and your team bring forth in the coming year by creating and implementing your strategic plan, in business and at work?

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