Engage Your Customers in Your Mission and Vision in Business and at Work

After attending a mediation training on Saturday, I decompressed by flipping t.v. channels. I came upon this interesting commercial from a local car dealership company, Nemer Motor Group:

Here’s the summary of their video commercial, entitled “Nemer Motor Group | Our Mission:”

Josh Nemer and Eric Nemer discuss the Nemer Motor Group Mission. “We would like to invite and welcome you to be a member of the Nemer Motor Group family. Where customers and employees are treated with the utmost respect, courtesy and integrity at every opportunity. Where ideas meet innovation. Where a complete vehicle experience is our passion.”

Obviously, this company went through a strategic planning process, which included developing their mission and vision, weaving in their organization’s core values (respect, courtesy, dignity, innovation, passion), in order to arrive at a commercial communicating their unique selling proposition / tag line to their current and prospective customers and employees. Definitely a best practice!

How do you engage all of your stakeholders (internally and externally) in your mission and vision in business and at work?




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