Best Practice: Inspired Applicants as Inspired Customers in Business and at Work

I was delighted to receive the following note from one of my network contacts; and I was pleased to pass the compliment along to my client:

I applied for a position at (one of my clients), and while the position was already filled, I learned a lesson in the process.

At (Network Contact’s company), we have a motto of ‘If everyone leaves our store feeling better for having come in contact with us, we have worked our magic.’ I interpret the “everyone” part as hugely significant because it should apply to our employees and (emphasis mine) applicants.

The day after I put in my application I got a call and voicemail from (my client) thanking me for having applied and giving me the update that the job had been offered and accepted.

The impact a simple call, which few employers do, has on an applicant is profound. It made the impression on me that (my client) cares about people, even those not working there. I always say an applicant is at a minimum a potential customer / client. I will certainly look for openings that are a match for my skill set at (my client) in the future, greatly inspired by that simple followup.

I forwarded the note to my client, with a simple “Bravo!” as feedback.

How are you (and will you) and your team inspire applicants / customers this week and beyond, in business and at work?

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