Ensuring That Work Gets Done on the Clock Saves Money in Business and at Work

From the Times Union earlier this week:

State Office of Information Technology Services employee Wajahat A. Abbasi will receive five years of probation for stealing more than $38,000 from the state by charging time for 53 occasions in 2013 and 2014 when he was not working.

A reader comment sums up my immediate reaction: where was his supervisor?  And for that matter, where was the organization’s leadership and HR oversight? How did Abbasi’s two-year theft of payroll time affect the morale of fellow employees, and his organization? (Everyone in an organization always knows when someone is stealing organizational time.) A joint investigation by the State Attorney General’s and Inspector General’s offices uncovered this theft of time? And how much in state payroll dollars were spent by those two offices to uncover this theft?

An ounce of supervisory and HR prevention is worth $38k+ in restitution and investigative payroll dollars. This is a platinum opportunity where sound HR oversight can save an organization money. Sleeping; working another job or business; doing anything but the assigned work of a job while on an organization’s payroll time-clock is bottom-line theft of payroll dollars. 

How will you and your HR team save your organization payroll time and money this week, in business and at work?

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