Resurrection on the Human Level is Key to Mastering the Pivot in Business and at Work

Definition of resurrection:

the act or an instance of bringing something back to life, public attention, or vigorous activity (a general resurrection of patriotism after the war began)

Synonyms reanimationrebirthregeneration,rejuvenation,rejuvenescence,


Related Words renaissancerenascencereinvention;reactivationrally,recovery,




Six years ago, at the height of the Great Recession, I co-facilitated a career support group of friends and colleagues who had experienced job loss during that time period (including but not limited to me). We ranged in age from our late 30’s to our late 40’s. It was not my first trip to the layoff / recession rodeo (laying people off compassionately was the first HR process I learned when I started my Human Resources career at GE Aerospace in 1989, until 3 years later when I was compassionately and lovingly laid off myself), so I was able to share my experience, strength and hope of getting a better job (and/or starting a business) making more money and doing more fulfilling work after each loss.

Mastering the pivot is more commonly associated with the resiliency of entrepreneurs to bounce back from failure and/or setbacks to change course or strategy to sustain and grow their respective business visions. As our economy continues to evolve, it’s imperative that we all master the pivot – to call upon the resources of our respective skills and talents to identify and subsequently solve prospective employers’ and/or clients’ problems. Whether we choose the “let me in” (employment or intrapreneur) path, or the “set me free” (entrepreneur / business) path, we all must be prepared to call upon the collective creativity of our colleagues and within ourselves, to forge a new path – especially into the wilderness of new markets and new sectors.  In effect, to resurrect ourselves from loss, and create a new career and/or business paradigm, without taking that loss too personally for too long as a stab to the heart from which we cannot, or even worse, will not recover.

I’m happy to report that 6 years later, everyone in that group has achieved and/or exceeded their goals coming from the loss created by the Great Recession. Everyone had runways of different lengths of time, however we all got there:

  • Two of us started successful businesses that meet / exceed both our professional and financial needs;
  • Five of us have secured jobs / career paths that meet / exceed both our professional and financial needs (and three of us took “runway” jobs as pivots on the path to get to our respective ultimate goals);
  • Most importantly: if / when we experience a loss like the Great Recession going forward, we have now all mastered the pivot, and we have the knowledge and confidence that we can pivot, and pivot successfully again, in business and at work.

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