How I Spent My Summer Vacation in Business and at Work

I just completed my third summer volunteering for a week as a high-school Theater Track Counselor for the Youth Camp at Ferry Beach Park Association in Saco, Maine. My husband Joel volunteers as a high-school Art Track counselor, and our son Noah attends the middle-school camp. We’re right on the ocean, and it’s truly beautiful.

While the 6-hour drive back and forth each way and being on my feet all week are physically tiring, the intellectual, emotional and spiritual renewal more than qualifies our time at Ferry Beach as a vacation. And if a coaching moment comes up for any of us to apply in our school and work life, well – that’s one of the many gifts of my Ferry Beach counselor experience to date.

To bear witness to the talent of these wonderful teenagers on the brink of adulthood (college, work, etc. – wherever life may take them) is an honor and privilege. In the short space of a week, they create beautiful art, music and theater to share with all of us. Here’s one small example, courtesy of my friend Jay (his wonderful son is playing the bongos, below):


How did you spend your summer vacation (away, or not), in business and at work?







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