College Grads Looking for a Job: Can I Find You on LinkedIn?

A colleague in my network reached out to me last week, inquiring about local opportunities for his recently graduated daughter. As we played phone tag, I consulted Colleague’s LinkedIn profile, to see if his daughter was among his contacts.  Nope.  I searched the last name using the radius function in LinkedIn advanced search for Albany, New York.  Not there.

I finally caught up with Colleague. We chatted for a few minutes, and then I asked if his daughter’s profile was on LinkedIn.  “No, it’s not,” he replied. “If she wants a job, she needs to get on LinkedIn.  77% of all recruiters currently fill jobs on LinkedIn.” I advised. Colleague agreed.  “I’ll ask her to get right on it!”

I hung up the phone, thinking about the son of one of my friends, who set up his LinkedIn profile when he was a high-school sophomore, and who recently graduated college with a job offer in hand.

College students; college graduates; all job seekers:  looking for a job? Can I find you on LinkedIn?


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