Nurture the Spark of Talent in Business and at Work

As the drumming reached a crescendo at our church’s Solstice Service last night, the wonderful 5 year-old daughter of a fellow member bounded into the circle at the center of our sanctuary, and began to dance as if no one was watching.   Inspired by this energetic sprite, one of the service leaders, my friend Lori,  joined her in the circle and danced with her, holding her hand.  It was a wonderful end to our annual service welcoming the return of the light, as this girl is a source of pure infectious joy.

At this morning’s church service, Joyful Girl participated with other children in the sanctuary circle during “The Child in Us” story, who  were waving yellow cloths to approximate the return of the sun’s light.  However, Joyful Girl danced around the group of children, circling them her large yellow cloth flying behind her like a cape.  “She’s a comet, not the sun,” my husband Joel quipped.

Near the end of the service, another service leader, my friend Mati, was at a whiteboard stationed in front of our minister Priscilla, to literally illustrate the history of the chalice symbol. Joyful Girl slipped off the pew she shared with her mother and joined Mati, copying the illustration and drawing her own. Joyful Girl then took it upon herself to clean the whiteboard, to Mati’s and the congregation’s amusement. Joyful Girl’s older brother then scooped her up and delivered her back to her mother in the pew.

I greeted Joyful Girl’s mother at the end of the service.  “She has stage presence, and no fear,” I remarked.  “She just makes everyone happy.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up as an actor or an entertainer.” Joyful Girl’s mother smiled, and hesitated.  I knew.  “When Noah was your daughter’s age, he used to think that “The Child in Us” was his opportunity to have a conversation with the minister.  Now he sings in Capital District Youth Chorale.  It’s all good.” Joyful Girl’s mom relaxed.  “I have thought of getting professional pictures taken,” she replied.  I nodded. “Sounds like a great idea.  Can’t wait to hear!”

As the holiday gift season reaches its crescendo:  what native gifts of talent in your children, your students, your mentees and/or your employees can you recognize, lift up and nurture, in business and at work?


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