The Power of Parenting in Business and at Work

In the last three months, I’ve heard some great stories about the power of parenting in business and at work:

(John Schneiter is a founder of GlobalSpec and Free Form Fibers, both local companies.)


And I had the privilege to hear the Bala brothers, founders of the video game development company Vicarious Visions, tell the story of how they started their company when they were still teenagers; and later in the life cycle of their company, how their father did not (could not) rescue them from an almost insurmountable debt situation.  Their father’s good advice was “figure it out yourself!”   And they did, and more.


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These stories also bring to mind how Thomas Edison’s mother motivated him to learn; and how GE CEO Emeritus Jack Welch’s parents (particularly his mother) were dedicated to being the gardeners of their brilliant bloom.

The power of parenting (whether the parent is your birth parent; step-parent; or the guru(s) who appear in your path to parent you at all times of your life, even adulthood) has enormous potential for the expression of talent, creativity and success for all of us in business and at work.  How have the gifts of your parents driven your success?  And what gifts have you given (and/or will you give) to your children / mentees, to drive their subsequent success, in business and at work?

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