“Can You Hear Me Now?” in Business and at Work

In the course of my work, I probably spend at least 70% of my time on the phone; and the majority of that time is spent interviewing candidates for job opportunities.

Over the last few weeks, the reception of the cell phones used by job candidates has been noticeably less than optimum.  I estimate that I’ve had to redial candidates using cell phones an average of 2 – 3 times before I could complete a phone interview.  Not the best impression to make on a call that could lead to your next job.

I love the way technology has given us more choices over the course of my career to complete work more efficiently.  These recent experiences with candidate cell phone reception is making me more of a land-line luddite.

I look forward to the advances that will stabilize this technology, to support the success of all of us in business and at work.





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