Your Ability to Solve Problems Determines Your Success in Business and at Work

The Best men and I just returned from seeing the latest movie in the Star Trek franchise reboot, and we were not disappointed.  As we watched Chekov, Scotty and Kirk all try their hands at solving insurmountable space engineering problems, I was reminded of the Friday lunch conversation with my friend and colleague, Lisa Giruzzi, who is a Communications Consultant.

“When people ask about my business, I don’t go through the list of services I offer,”  Lisa explained.  “Instead, I give examples of what problems I solve (and here are some problems that Lisa solves, from her website):

  • Have highly intelligent, analytical, introverted employees who are super smart but socially challenged?
  • “Work around” certain people in your organization due to their personality or communication style?
  • Have employees who struggle to connect with others and find it difficult to work on a team?

It also reminds me of the story of Gene Roddenberry’s pitch to Desilu Studios to produce the original Star Trek series pilot, describing Star Trek as “Wagon Train in Space.”  Succinct, elegant, and the client got the picture immediately:  the Star Trek universe was consequently born because Roddenberry effectively conveyed the energy of the concept to the Desilu client, illuminating their vision, too.

Building on Lisa’s thought process, as one example of several problem-solving services in my own business:

  • I help organizations hire the best candidate match for their business-critical positions;
    • If they don’t have a hiring process, I help them build one;
    • If they don’t have recruitment branding, I help them create that branding;
    • If they want to learn how to hire the best candidates for their needs, I teach them;
    • If they don’t have time to source and qualify those best-match candidates themselves, I do it for my clients.

One constant in my career, whether I’m supporting the success of my organization as an employee leader, or the success of my client as a trusted vendor partner, is to identify and solve the problems with solutions that drive mutual success and sustainability.

What problems will you solve to support everyone’s success this week, in business and at work?


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