Celebrate the Wins, Large and Small, in Business and at Work

Just as Facebook was entering mainstream use, my friend Wade unintentionally invited our entire congregation to Facebook.  Consequently, a good chunk of my personal Facebook friends are fellow members of FUSS.  Fast-forwarding to 2013:  more and more, the congregation is using Facebook to communicate the good and challenging news at all levels (e.g., who’s bringing what dish to the last memorial service).

Our Reverend Priscilla shifted the congregational paradigm a bit further this week with this gratifying announcement in our Facebook group about our wonderful Director of Religious Education (DRE), Melissa:

Hot news — Melissa is now a credentialed Religious Educator! She has been working hard on this for a couple of years at least, and I am so in awe of her work and her leadership at FUSS.  Congratulations, Melissa — well-earned. Time to celebrate!

Not only did a third of the congregation offer congratulations to Melissa in our Facebook group, they shared their love and appreciation as well – here’s one small example:

Heartfelt congratulations – We are so blessed with you, Melissa!    You have all of my respect and admiration.

Then today, during the Sharing of Joys and Sorrows, the Board President made the same announcement to those in attendance at the Sunday service.  We all promptly jumped to our feet to give Melissa a standing ovation, and after the service, enjoyed the cake that was presented in her honor.

Melissa had me at hello:  I knew she was a great hire when I first interviewed her as a member of the DRE Search Committee to be our first full-time Director of Religious Education.  And she continues to contribute to all of us:  from our son Noah as an RE student, to my husband Joel as an RE teacher, and to me, teaching me new concepts and paths to learning as a life-long student.

How wonderful to lift up the achievements of a talented professional, letting them bask in the waves of appreciation and respect from all stakeholders / customers, in business and at work.


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