Planning Breeds Creativity in Business and at Work

In the course of my client work this week, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to business owners and professionals whose comfort zone is the creative / R&D.  Strategic or business planning for them, at first blush, seems to be the anti-creative.  One colleague actually cringed when I suggested that they pull together a one-page business plan.  In the spirit of doing what I say, I then showed them the one-page business plan that lives in my planner:












I feel your pain.  Putting together a business, strategic or career plan used to evoke the same reaction for me as getting ready to do our personal and business income taxes.  Remember the days before doing your taxes via computer?  I’d do all of the work in pencil first.  For weeks.  Ugh, now that gives me the willies.

Business, strategic or career planning, however, is the marvelous act of creativity.  The act of writing your business plan down is absolutely the act of creation.  Financial forecasting, break-even and all.

It was that work of business / strategic plan development that created my husband Joel’s business, The Best Framing Company, and my business, Deb Best Practices.  Revenue-producing businesses that did not exist until we conceived the idea for each business (focusing on our respective strengths and marketability), and created the respective business plan first before proceeding with implementation.  We update each plan at least annually as our businesses grow and our markets and clients change.  Everything we do in our businesses flows from those plans.

As a highly creative professional artist, writer and picture-framer, Joel’s advice is always to measure twice and cut once.  Pretty planful for a creative guy.

What’s your plan to measure twice, which will in turn shore up your successful business and/or career implementation?

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