Your LinkedIn Headline is Your Calling Card for Success

I spent last Wednesday night with a great group of women from the Schenectady BPW, sharing my LinkedIn experience, strength and hope in support of our mutual success.

One of the first tips I shared was the importance of your LinkedIn headline:  if your LinkedIn profile is your website (which I firmly believe), then the headline on your profile is your calling card, announcing that you’re open to whatever opportunities you seek or hope to share.

“I’m involved in several endeavors that speak to me vocationally and creatively,” I shared with the group.  “So I include them in my headline:

Change / Project Manager | HR / Recruiting Leader | Career Coach | Writer |

Small-Business Social Media Marketing SME.”

“You include everything in your LinkedIn headline?” one of the workshop attendees asked.  “Yes,” I responded.  “I subscribe wholeheartedly to Dr. Wayne Dyer’s assertion that I will not die with the music still inside of me.  So I include all of my ‘music’ in my LinkedIn headline and profile.  When we say who we are and what we do, opportunities open up on LinkedIn and elsewhere.”  The attendee, a wonderful women full of “music” herself, decided to update her headline.

I received a LinkedIn message from her two days later:

Thanks, Deb! After working on my LinkedIn account <and headline> last night, I was invited to <a key business organization> event as a guest next week to network about <my project>. Who knew????

I did.

To our shared success on LinkedIn (and everywhere else)!


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